School Holiday Terms & Conditions

(updated: May 2018)

1.1 You are making a booking with The Kick Start Academy Group-trading name of KSA Camps Ltd.
1:2 Your acceptance is from the date on which your booking is confirmed by KSA Camps Ltd staff.


2.1 All bookings can be made by:

  • By phone: 0121 748 7977
  • Email:
  • Website, through our secure online booking system
  • Social Media (no bookings will be accepted through platforms, customer communication only)

2.2 Following receipt of your booking, KSA will send you a booking confirmation email. Please ensure that your email address is supplied correctly at the time of your booking otherwise KSA are unable to confirm your booking. PLEASE NOTE: Your chosen Activity Camp(s) place may not be guaranteed. “Book Now & Pay Later” means you must pay in full before the deadline day in order to receive the discount.

2.3 Once KSA confirm your booking via email, this is your date of confirmation.

2.4 Upon receipt of your booking confirmation, you must check this information carefully to ensure its correct. If any information contained within the booking confirmation is incorrect you must inform KSA within 7 days of receipt.

2.5 If you do not advise us within 7 days of receipt of the booking email of any inaccuracies, KSA shall assume that the information contained within the booking email is correct and any changes or cancellation after this date shall be subject to the Changes and Cancellation terms as set out in these Terms. You are liable for full charges should you book, KSA confirm and you don’t turn up!

2.6 If you have not received your booking email from KSA within 48 hours of making your booking please contact KSA.

2.7 PLEASE NOTE: that receipt of a booking email from KSA does not constitute KSA’s acceptance and confirmation of your booking. Your booking will only be confirmed once you have paid in full.


3.Fee(s) and Payment

3.1 All fees and any offer available to you are detailed on our website & social media, and any promotional material.

3.2 The amount to be paid by you will be detailed at the time of booking.

3.3 KSA accept payment via credit card, debit card cash, cheque and childcare vouchers.

3.4 All fees for any booking (not utilising childcare vouchers) must be made when you make your booking.

3.5 For any booking utilising childcare vouchers as payment, we require funds from your childcare voucher provider within 5 days of booking, this is the responsibilty of the person making the booking.

3.6 The details of the childcare schemes which KSA is signed up to are detailed on the website.

3.7 KSA will accept payment on the day “walk in” bookings at your preferred site, payment is only accepted in the form of cash, cheque (additional charges) & or card terminal payment. PLEASE NOTE: “Walk in” charges are different to pre booking charges.

3.8 KSA reserves the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect should terms be broken.


4.Late Collection

4.1 You must ensure you collect your child(ren) promptly at their pre-booked collection time.

4.2 If you do not collect your child(ren) promptly then KSA reserves the right to charge the Late Collection Fee.

4.3 The Late Collection Fee will be debited to your account and is payable immediately. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pay the Late Collection Fee as required then KSA reserves the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect.

4.4 PLEASE NOTE: that the latest pick up time is 6pm. If you are delayed beyond this time KSA will try contacting you using your contact numbers. After that KSA are required to notify Social Services of any children still on site.


5.Changes to your booking

5.1 Changes to your booking can be made up to the 14 days prior to the start date as detailed in your booking confirmation.

5.2 If you wish to make any changes less than 14 days prior to the first start date as detailed in your booking, KSA reserves the right to charge you a £5 administration fee.

5.3 Any requested changes are subject to availability and KSA’s acceptance.

5.4 If you wish to make any changes to your booking you must do so over the telephone. KSA’s contact details can be found on our website. PLEASE NOTE: that leaving a telephone message or voicemail or sending an email will not mean that your booking has been changed. Any changes will only be accepted and made once you have spoken to a KSA employee on the telephone and they have confirmed the amendment.

5.5 If you have booked a full week and wish to amend you booking so that you split the days across multiple weeks, You will be required to pay any extra Fee(s) incurred as a result. If you wish to make such a change you must contact KSA’s office directly on the numbers given on the website as soon as possible.

5.6 KSA reserves the right to modify a programme due to adverse weather conditions, low attendance or other unforeseen circumstances on the day. If any such changes are made by KSA this will not automatically give rise to any entitlement to a refund.



6.1 Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

  • Up to 2 weeks prior to the date of booking confirmation – full refund
  • 1 week prior to date of booking confirmation – 50% refund
  • Less than 1 week prior to date of booking confirmation – no refund

6.2 Late pick up of children – for every 15 minutes a child is uncollected after their pre-booked collection time is charged, one off is FREE of charge.

6.3 From 15 minutes (after your agreed pick up time) up until 2 hours after your child’s agreed collection time, if uncollected you will be charged £5 per 15 minutes late. Anything at/or past 2 hours of your child’s pre-booked collection time we will contact the local authority and advise accordingly. PLEASE NOTE: We do try and make contact with legal contacts (as per completed consent form) to ensure we don’t get to the last alternative (local authority).

  • Please allow up to 10 working days fir any refund to be returned to you.
  • Any Bookings paid for by childcare vouchers cannot be refunded due to HMRC regulationsrelating to childcare vouchers. Instead, refunds will be held as credits in your online account foruse against future bookings.


7.Promotional Material

7.1 All information set out in the promotional material is correct at the time of printing. However, changes may occur. If this does happen KSA will use reasonable endeavours to advise You of any changes as soon as possible. Any changes will be detailed on the website & social media.



8.1 It is vitally important that when you make your booking, that you provide us with full and accurate information about the child(ren) for whom you are making the booking for.

8.2 Any information you provide must include full details of any medical requirements, physical or behavioural matters, special needs and any other additional needs that will support KSA staff on site who will be working with your child.

8.3 If you do not provide us with full and accurate information then KSA reserves the right to exclude that child in question from any part of the camps they are attending. If this is deemed necessary, then no refund will be given by KSA unless agreed otherwise between the parties.

8.4 When you drop off your child at their first camp, you must let KSA know if there have been any changes in the child’s medical status since you provided information as part of your booking.

8.5 Where a child requires regular medication, or emergency response medication such as an epi-pen or inhaler, you will be required to fill in and sign a medical form (when you drop off the child at their first camp session). 8.6 If there are any changes in a child(ren)’s health or medical condition during their attendance at an camp, you must inform KSA immediately so the relevant accommodations can be made or appropriate action taken.


9.Personal Property

9.1 Neither KSA nor any of its staff, nor persons involved with or related to KSA accepts liability for any losses or damage to personal belongings.

9.2 The carrying and use of mobile telephones, tablets, games consoles and social media by attendees are strictly prohibited at KSA. If a child is found to be carrying such items KSA reserves the right to confiscate it until the end of the day and parents will be informed.


10.Complaints Procedure

10.1 KSA complaints procedure is set out on the website and within our policies & procedures on site.

10.2 In the unlikely event of a complaint being raised, you must speak to our Venue Coordinator who will attempt to resolve the matter for you at first instance. Alternatively, please contact KSA’s offices directly on 0121 748 7977 or email:



11.1 KSA will use reasonable endeavours to avoid injuries being suffered by those attending our camps. However, due to the nature of some of the activities undertaken by attendees there is an inherent risk of injury for those participating in camps.

11.2 By making a booking and payment you confirm that you are the parent or guardian of the child(ren) who are the subject of the booking and have custody and control of them and you confirm that you have read and accept all of our Terms and Conditions.

11.3 Nothing in these Terms will:

11.3.1. limit or exclude the liability of a party for death or personal injury resulting from negligence

11.3.2. limit or exclude the liability of a party for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by that party

11.3.3. limit any liability of a party in any way that is not permitted under applicable law; or

11.3.4. exclude any liability of a party that may not be excluded under applicable law.


Parent Loyality Cards / Offers / Competition Winners

12.1 Where a free day pass has been awarded to a parent, this refers to a single free day at one of our venues from 9.30am to 4pm. It cannot be used more than once and is not transferable to other venues or used past its expiry date. This also can not be split into half days.

12.2 Where a percentage discount code has been awarded- this cannot be used more than once and is not transferable and is not transferable to other venues or used past its expiry date. This also can not be split into half days.

12.3 Voucher Codes/ Passes cannot be used beyond their expiry date, please check your voucher code/passes and pre-book to ensure it doesn’t run past its expiry.

12.4 Where a voucher have been used as part payment for a child’s booking, the booking will remain unconfirmed until this has been processed and approved by The Kick Start Academy Bookings Team. This will be confirmed to you via email.

12.5 The Kick Start Academy Group reserve the right to decline a voucher/pass- if we believe it has been falsely used or copied.

12.6 Vouchers/Passes cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or promotional code used at The Kick Start Academy Limited.

12.7 Only one discount code may be used per one child booking.

12.8 Where there is an offer for a FULL WEEK, this refers to days within the same week and not single days across more than one week over a number of School Holiday periods. If a booking is for fewer days in the same week during these types of offers, you will be charged at the normal daily price.


13.Sibling Discount

13.1 Sibling Discount varies (as per loyalty card) ranging from 10% to FREE DAYS. (Please see ParentLoyalty Card for more details)

14.Corporate Partnership Discount

14.1 A business partner and its employees will be allocated their own unique code. This must be usedat the time of booking and cannot be used once a booking has been confirmed.

14.2 If you are using a business partner code whilst booking, you may be required to bring along identification of your place of work when registering your child at your preferred venue, your venue coordinator will approve or reject your identification, if your identification is rejected your venue coordinator will give you reasons as to why and/or may request additional identification.

14.3 A Corporate Partnership discount code cannot be used with any other code/offer when making your booking.


15.Parent Loyalty Card

15.1 Stamps are only given when a child attends a FULL day (9.30am-4pm) with or without extra time.

15.2 Rewards can only be redeemed with an official K.S.A stamp and an official signature/initials by our venue coordinator on site.To redeem your rewards you must give reference of what your reward is to our bookings team and email us on: of which we require at least 48 hours’ notice period. PLEASE NOTE: we don’t accept parent “walk ins” at any venue, you mus redeem your rewards atleast 48 hours prior to your preferred start date.

15.3 If you have contacted our bookings team and redeemed your reward but fail to bring your card to your preferred venue, we cannot accept the reward and we will request a form of payment of the relevant on the day price.

15.4 Loyalty cards can be used at any of our venues during school holidays only.

15.5 Loyalty cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer used by The Kick Start Academy Group.

15.6 A maximum of one card’s rewards (i.e. 1 x half day and 1 x 9.30am-4pm day, Full Day, Full Week) can be redeemed per child per booking.

15.7 Where a half day reward and/or a full day (9.30am-4pm) is redeemed against a special offer booking, the value of the reward/s will be in proportion to the offer price.

15.8 Rewards redeemed against a booking made, will be valued at the respective price.

15.9 Lost Loyalty Card , any previous stamps collected that may have been on the previous card cannot be carried over and we do not record or track any customer’s stamp collection. A new card can be collected from your Venue Coordinator at any time.

15.10 Stolen Loyalty Card, each card will be issued for the named child on the card and can not be carried over or swapped to any other child.

15.11 Loyalty cards will be issued in the name of one child only. If a family has more than one child using our services, the extra children will be issued with their own card where the same rules apply to lost stolen cards.

15.12 Rewards are not transferable and are to be used solely by the child named on the card.

15.13 The Kick Start Academy Group reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or part cancel the Parents Loyalty Card without notice and no monies will be owing for rewards not redeemed.

15.14 The Loyalty Card has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.