One of the best experiences for any child in sport has to be that one day in the school year, when they spend the whole afternoon on the field on a warm, sunny, summer day, taking part in various athletic activities, while being watched and cheered-on by their friends and family.

That day is Sports Day!

Here at KSA, we want to make sure that children’s sports days are what we have described above, one of the best experiences in their sporting and school lives (although unfortunately we cannot always guarantee it is a ‘warm, sunny’ day!).

KSA is happy to work alongside your school to help plan and run your school sports day. We work in conjunction with the school to make sure that it matches your requirements in order to make it an enjoyable experience for everybody involved. As a school, you may want some fun activities laying out for children to enjoy or you may even want to create a bit of friendly competition between house-groups, KSA can help out with either and everything inbetween.

To book a meeting, contact our team on: 0121 748 7977 or email: