Most of our schools use our very popular PE Lead Support Programme to develop staff confidence and expertise within specific areas of the PE curriculum. This works by inviting KSA mentor representative to work alongside your class teacher for a number of weeks. This often leads to specific workshops where all teaching staff can benefit from the experience of KSA training schemes and delivery methods.

We find that teachers’ lack of detailed subject knowledge can limit the quality of feedback given to pupils about what they needed to do to improve. Again, this is inevitably always down to time or workload pressure. They can be unsure about the step-by-step stages in teaching skills, and are sometimes unaware of the standards that pupils should achieve by the end of each key stage.

A teacher working alongside one of our experienced mentors will benefit from:
  • Clear guidance on how to teach technical aspects of games and newly introduced techniques and tactical guidance.
  • Specialist coaches to build staff confidence and competence in introducing and developing new skills, raising their expectations of what pupils could and should attain by the end of each key stage.
  • Access to resources designed to improve the quality of teaching by illustrating the introduction and development of skills.
  • Planning support for non-specialist teachers for pupils of different ages and abilities, assessing their progress against the National Curriculum attainment target for PE
  • Provision of an up-to-date scheme of work for PE that enables them to plan collaboratively and reduce doubling-up on work across year groups.

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