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We strongly believe Physical Education is a vital part of the curriculum, as participation in PE and School Sport helps children develop self-discipline, self-awareness, confidence and the ability work as a member of a team – skills that are vital across the curriculum and to their success in both childhood and adulthood.

We carefully plan our sessions to be engaging as well as informative. We prepare games and activities for the children whilst also teaching them the basic skills and game play.

We effectively plan, conduct and evaluate teaching and coaching sessions to meet objectives set by the school curriculum around acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas, evaluating and improving performance, and knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

We know the pressures placed on teachers across the curriculum, and have experience in supporting them to meet the deliverables required by Ofsted. With Primary school sport transformed thanks to a £150m-a-year boost from government, which could run until 2020, let us work with you to meet those requirements at no additional cost to your school.

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