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Team Building

Even from an early age, it is important that children learn team building skills, as well as individual ones. The Kick Start Academy can provide you with team building exercises for your child that can set them up for the future.

Our proven programme is a three-hour period during which students attend classes in three core subjects:

  • Traditional Team Sports
  • Individual Sports and
  • Team Building Challenges

The school year is divided into three terms running concurrently with the normal academic year. In the first year alone, students will be introduced to eighteen different sports, plus weekly themed ‘Team Building Challenges’.

Our top 5 benefits of Individual Team Building Challenges are:

  1. Increase in communication skills
  2. Learn to listen, listen to learn
  3. Practice lateral thinking
  4. Improved confidence and self esteem
  5. Ability to work actively with others

Team sports include:

  • Trust Team Skills
  • Millionaire
  • The Matrix
  • The Poseidon Adventures
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Construction Capers
  • Warm Up Team Skills
  • Survival Training – including Lost at Sea and Morse Code
  • Communication Team Skills

We offer a variety of Team Building packages, so if you would like to learn more about what we can provide you with please do contact us.

Contact the team on:

T: 0121 748 7977

E: info@thekickstartacademy.co.uk 

P: The Kick Start Academy Group, Grosvenor House, 658 Chester Road. Birmingham, B23 5TE

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