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Sports Days

The Kick Start Academy Sports Days are a day of celebration of the children’s learning.

Here is a look into our last sports day to show what you can expect:

Alongside showing their physical skills in the running race and the egg and spoon race, the novelty race included some tricky obstacles that the girls and boys had 1919622_775632639125787_8905207987246255903_ncreated in their play, after learning about obstacle courses in PE. The hurdles, made by balancing the bamboo guttering on cones and the complicated ball and hoop target shoot were their own ideas – lovely examples of their independent thinking!

All children also showed how much they have learnt about team work and taking turns when they took part in the Teddy Bear Relay.

Each team worked together to run as fast as they could, passing the teddy to their friends, waiting for a turn and knowing that when teddy crossed the finish line, they were all winners.

This is just a little preview of what we offer. To find out more contact us on:

E: info@thekickstartacademy.co.uk

T: 0121 748 7977

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Posted by The Kick Start Academy on Thursday, 20 August 2015

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