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Pick ‘n’ Mix

We know that holiday childcare can be a real problem and that parents need flexible and often one-off days of holiday childcare during the school holidays and that’s why we’ve introduced a Flexi-Care Pass. Flexi-Care is a completely flexible method of booking a holiday activity camp with The Kick Start Academy, giving you the choice of any days in any week when we are running an activity camp at any of our venues, making it the best solution for holiday childcare and summer childcare.

Flexi-Care is ideal for parents and families with a flexible holiday childcare need in the holidays and offers everything from a single day to unlimited days throughout the year for children aged 4-12 years.

What does FlexiCare include?

K.S.A Flexi-Care gives you complete flexibility to choose just the days that you need holiday childcare for children up to the age of 12 years, while giving your child an action-packed day of fun, sport and activity at The Kick Start Academy.

Because most parents use K.S.A Flexi-Care for holiday childcare, all K.S.A Flexi-Care days include extended hours from 8.00am until 6pm (venue times may vary) giving you maximum value for money and is ideal for parents that start or finish work early.

What will my child do on K.S.A Flexi-Care?

It would be impossible to fit in all of our exciting sports and activities into every single day on camp and our activity camp timetables are planned around full Multi-Activity weeks. Because K.S.A Flexi-Care gives you the choice of days within any week at The Kick Start Academy, this means that we cannot guarantee that all the activities that are always included in a week-long package of Multi-Activity will be available on the day of your choice.

However, every day at our activity camps is different and we can definitely guarantee that there will be lots of exciting sports, activities, games and crafts, together with themes, coaches’ challenges and competitions for children to enjoy.

For more info or to book a “Pick N Mix” Place by contacting the KSA team on: 0121 748 7977, email us on: info@thekickstartacademy.co.uk or click here to book online

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Posted by The Kick Start Academy on Thursday, 20 August 2015

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